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Newsletter March – English Version

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Dear all,

March has been another busy month for the Queer Zentrum Mannheim (QZM) and its development. This newsletter contains a report of what we’ve been working on, both regarding the space itself and our upcoming and previous events.


As of June, the QZM will move into its first home. This interim QZM will be set up in G7 in the Mannheim Quadrat, where we will have access to two floors of approx. 400m2 in G7. This space can be used for smaller events and for group meetings (pandemic permitting, of course). We want to work with you to decide how we can best use this space in a fourth workshop at the end of May. An invitation to this workshop will follow shortly.

After searching far and wide for an appropriate existing property, we have decided that the QZM will, in the long term, be housed in a completely new building. Not only will this new building meet all of our requirements (from size to accessibility), it will also offer us the opportunity to accommodate many other important elements into the QZM, such as a queer kindergarten, or queer housing facilities for older people.

We are now working to find a suitable plot of land so that we can begin to plan the specifics of this new building.


March was, once again, a month of exciting events. We hosted the QZM Ideas Exchange on the subject of queer aging; our first ‘On the sofa with…’ with the Frieda women’s network, in which we discussed the women’s liberation movement in the 70s and 80s; and our third ‘Technology 101’ course, in which we learned how to migrate from Whatsapp to Signal. Here, we also learned how to use this new messaging app, which we plan to use for future communication in the QZM.

And April promises to be just as interesting…

On the 16.04.21 at 7pm, the Generational Dialogues will take place for the third time. This time, our guest will be Antje Ippensen, a representative of Generation X with an exciting life story. Antje is, amongst other things, an author with many talents. She will talk about her multifaceted life and about how she founded the studio ‘Redensart’ (‘Figure of speech’) in Mannheim.

We have also planned a themed week with a variety of exciting events around the Rainbow Family Day (also known as International Family Equality day (IFED)):

  • To kick things off, on 28.04 at 8:15pm we will be streaming the Italian film ‘Mom & Mom’.
  • On 29.04 at 7pm, we warmly invite you to our Information Event ‘Welcome Baby’ with Cora Hansen, a coach for rainbow families who would like to have children.
  • On 01.05 (10am – 2pm), Cora Hansen will run a ‘Welcome Baby’ workshop, a workshop that discusses the path from thinking about having a child to starting a family.
  • On 02.05 at 8pm, we’d like to invite you to the discussion ‘What do rainbow families need? Wishes and Realities’. Here, the QZM will be talking to a representative from BERTA (Stuttgart), the state network LSBBTIQ, the LSVD in Baden-Württemberg, ILSE Rhein-Neckar and PLUS Rhein-Neckar about how advice for rainbow families can be expanded upon and offered more comprehensively.
  • Finally, on 06.05 at 8pm, we will host another ‘QZM meets…’, this time with the Rainbow Family Centre in Munich. They will offer us an insight into their operations and consultation services.

A detailed programme of the Rainbow Families themed week with more detailed information, times, and access links will be published shortly.

In summary, here is a list of our upcoming events, to which you are all warmly invited:

  • Queer Generational Dialogues: Generation X with Antje Ippensen, 16.04. at 7pm
  • April Community Call, 24.04. from 10am–11am (access link will be shared nearer the time)
  • Rainbow Families themed week: ‘Mom & Mom’ film screening, 28.04. at 8:15pm
  • Rainbow Families themed week: Information event with Cora Hansen, 29.04. at 7pm
  • Rainbow Families themed week: Workshop with Cora Hansen, 01.05. from 10am–2pm
  • Rainbow Families themed week: Discussion (‘What do rainbow families need?’), 02.05. at 8pm
  • Rainbow Families themed week: ‘QZM meets… Rainbow Family Centre Munich’, 06.05 at 8pm

Further information, including dates and access links, can be found on our homepage: www.qzm-rn.de

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Your QZM board,

Susanne, Matthias, Sarah, Johannah, and Katrin

Thanks a lot to Mai Montgomery for the translation!

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